Finding Yourself

Sometimes, it is better to let other women have boyfriends
and you remain single. This is better because you don’t enjoy
talking only to women at parties. You are in the habit
of being picked up. There can be several men who like to talk
to you about surfing. You can be interested because they are standing
in the kitchen with the ice. You could also be in a situation
where you are attracted to women. As long as she concedes that
you are the prettier one then everything will move along
much smoother. She may have the better career. It is essential
when you are looking at careers and deciding what will make you
enough money to keep you in Miu Miu, that you choose a career
as carefully as you choose a boyfriend or a girlfriend or a watch.
If you notice that you are choosing on price, then you will be
disappointed. Your boyfriends or girlfriends should never come cheap.
Your career should be rarified in which case they don’t pay a lot.
You need a boyfriend to fill in the gaps. It is unacceptable
to have any sort of work life that requires you to think on your feet.
The slower you go, the less of a challenge it will be
to take care of your skin. Finding yourself may not necessarily be
in a career. You are not lost save when you are in Paris.
There is pressure to pursue goals. Like there are things
you would rather do than drink daiquiris. In any event,
you must try to be irreplaceable. And don’t hide out in magazines
and coffeehouses. Keep your calendar up and make friends.
Maybe one of them will introduce you to an hotelier.

as seen in LEVELER