[your father is dying from a penny in his lung]

your father is dying from a penny in his lung
delicate responses lost like      hi and no   after some tests
they found out he was breathing by squeezing air
in his fists     the penny moves      gives up his seat for a lady
your mother who asks in language that hurts     you tuck
your body into the night for sleeping      forgetting for that
crucial moment your father will not survive      you dream of gardens
your yellow birds & me      you sacrifice your weekend to the dream
It continues for two nights     animals come     and devour old
photographs of you and him     your father in tomorrow's suit
says something natural for his ears and eyes but not his mouth


[I was standing in some trash]

I was standing in some trash (greasy apple) at the base of a statue in the capitol  fun to glam it up     telephone home about a man  in a black skirt      I yelled out 'Con!'  He began to look     but the policeman dipped his head  in the car     I went for videos & pizza from the hotel   tried to get the local news on my transistor     but no luck


as seen in GlitterPony